Airports in Moscow

Moscow is considered one of the greatest cities of Russia. It has always been the center of all historical events. Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation. Moscow has an old history which is full of events that changed the life of the whole country.

Moscow is a city which is always visited by many tourists that want to see its famous Kremlin, the Red Square and many other popular sights.

Most of the international flights land at Sheremetyevo International airport, which is called Sheremetyevo II, as there is one more Sheremetyevo airport. This one is commonly called Sheremetyevo I and handles only domestic flights and flights to Belarus. But Sheremetyevo II is now under construction, which will be finally ready in 2009.

Sheremetyevo II is one of the busiest airports in the whole country. Most international flights depart from there. There are Duty-free shops, cafes, bars and also a medical office with pharmacy in the airport. Duty- free shops offer the most popular souvenirs There is also an ATM service where you withdraw the money you need, as well as banking service and bureaux de change.

There are three more airports in Moscow- Domodedovo, Vnukovo and Bykovo. Bykovo is the smallest among them and serves only domestic flights.

You can get to either of these airports by car or by an express train.

Entertainment in Moscow

Being the capital of Russia Moscow attracts many tourists. Moscow is the economical cultural and political center of the country. It has many historical monuments which attract not only tourists but also the moscovites.

If you are planning to visit Moscow with your family, then it could be interesting for the kids to be present at the performance in the Niculins circus and Obraztsov puppet theatre.

The performances at the Obraztsov theatre are in Russian, but they are very simple and can be understood. The theatre is situated at the northern part of the Garden Ring. It is one of the most popular children theatres in Moscow.

Nikulins circus has always been one of the best ones. Not only small children, but grown ups are fond of visiting it. The performances are very good.

Those tourists who are fond of night clubs can find numerous such places in Moscow. Young generation of Moscow like to spend their time in Night clubs, enjoining the company of their friends.

If you are fond of shopping, then you can visit numerous shops which offer different kinds of goods. GUM is one of the best places to do shopping or just having a walk and admiring its architecture.

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