An Extensive Guide to Cheap Turkey Holidays

Turkey is growing in popularity and is now the sixth popular tourist destination around the world. This south eastern European city offers visitors an opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful historical and cultural sites, including two of the Seven Wonders of the World.

It is important to note that the majority of Turkish residents are Muslim. This means that you should respect their culture and heritage at all times with women dressing modestly when away from the hotel and pool, covering shoulders and wearing loose fitting trousers, to ensure that you don’t insult the locals and are restricted to the sights you can gain access to.

Those visiting Turkey from the United Kingdom will need to apply for a tourist visa. The good news is that these days you can apply for an e-visa online, you provide your travel dates and passport number and are issued an entry letter, which you hand in at the international airport on arrival to receive your tourist visa stamp.

It is important when visiting Turkey that you take out travel insurance. Travel insurance can cover you in the event you need urgent medical treatment. Medical treatments, hospitals and doctors all require payment, which means your travel insurance can protect you in the event you need hospitalisation or treatment during your stay.

Turkey is home of white sandy beaches, spectacular coastlines, palaces, ruins and mosques. It’s a traveller’s paradise and no surprise that millions of visitors flock to Turkey each and every year. At the same time you don’t want to break the bank planning your Turkish holiday, which is why you should be looking for cheap Turkey holidays that you can afford within your travel budget.

You will find that once you’re in Turkey, public transport is very affordable and you can use the public bus to get anywhere throughout the country at cheap prices, which is great news for backpackers and those travelling on a tight budget.

Try and book your cheap Turkey holiday as early as possible. As soon as you know you have holidays coming up, get online and start shopping around. A majority of the online travel companies will offer discounted rates for booking in advance, enabling you to secure your accommodation and flights at cheaper prices, giving you more spending money to your budget to really explore all that Turkey has to offer.

Plan to travel off peak. Travelling outside the peak times can help you save a considerably amount of money. If you’re looking for cheap Turkey holidays consider traveling outside of school holidays and during the week. When hotels quieten down outside their peak times, they drop the prices to get people into rooms. A hotel doesn’t want to be empty, it’s costs too much money, so they will reduce their prices to ensure the highest percentage of occupancy.

Be flexible in terms of your travel dates. You may be planning to travel on a Friday afternoon and come home on a Thursday, but when you view the flights and cheap Turkey holiday accommodation prices, you may find that being slightly flexible and leaving a day before or a day after may reduce the cost considerably.

Consider staying just outside the major cities. The outlying areas of Istanbul can provide you with an enjoyable and cultural holiday experience with plenty to do and see, but can also be much cheaper than staying in the city itself, though you still enjoy easy access to the city to enjoy all it has to offer.

Finally, you will find once you have secured a cheap Turkey holiday online, there are plenty of free attractions you can take advantage of once you arrive, ideal for those travelling on a tight travel budget.

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