Buenos Aires

The capital city of Argentina and also the largest city in the country. Buenos Aires is also recognized as the 2nd largest metropolitan region after Sao Paulo in Brazil.It is the richest city in all of South America as the economic conditions of the city can be clearly seen. The people living in the city are most commonly known as “the people of the port”. According to the statistics of 2001, the population of the city was approximately 12,129,819 people which were living in the 31 districts of the city.

Geographically the city is located on the north east side of “Rio de la Plata”, from the south east side it touches “Riachuelo” and on the southwest side there is a 24 kilometer long highway which basically creates the difference between the city and the province Buenos Aires, as the city is a federal capital and not a part of the province.

The climate remains very humid mostly throughout the year. The city has an average temperature in the summer of 17.6 degrees. The city gets less rainfall compared to other countries in the world. Rainfall can occur unexpectedly at any time of the year. The average temperature in the winter is mostly 10 to 15 degrees.

Economically it is one the richest and wealthiest cities in South America as it is considered as the financial platform of Argentina. Buenos Aires has a GDP rate of US$ 84.7 billion which is a huge amount for a single city. The city contributes heavily in the total Argentine Economy. The city mostly gains its revenue from the tourism department, as for tourists there are over 300 hotels in the city which are almost filled throughout the year. The services sector mostly is the main provider also along with tourism which makes about 59 percent of the total Argentine Economy.

If we talk about the culture of the area then its culture can be clearly explained from the fact that the city is sometimes called “The Paris of South America”. For recreation, the people have a number of gardens, and theatres. The government has managed to develop a beautiful landscape for the city. The “Buenos Aires International Book Fair” is one of the world’s largest book fair events celebrated in the month of April.

The game commonly played and liked by youngsters in Argentina is football, and Buenos Aires is considered as the biggest hub of football, as being the only city in the world for having 24 different football teams. Two of the biggest clubs in Argentina are both Buenos Aires based and are named as “Boca Juniors” and “River plate”. The most recognized individual in the field of football in Argentina is “Diego Armando Maradona” who also started his career with one of the club’s of Buenos Aires called Argentinos Juniors. Then later he also played for “Boca Juniors”.

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