Choosing a Wedding Invitation For Your Unique Destination Theme

A popular wedding trend is to hold a destination event where all of the event’s guests travel to a fabulous destination to celebrate together for the couple’s happy day. Destination weddings often take more planning and coordination than traditional weddings, simply because many people will have to coordinate their schedules in order to travel to the ceremony. This can make choosing the appropriate wedding invitations more difficult as well. By planning early, you can find the perfect wedding invitations to use for your big event that perfectly match your theme.

The first thing to consider when choosing a wedding invitation for a destination wedding is how you plan to incorporate the theme into the invitation design. Some couples look at the destination where their wedding will be held and choose invitations that use images associated with that area. For instance, if your destination is a tropical location, you may choose to use summery or beach-style images and colors on your wedding invitations.

If your wedding is at a resort that is well known for being in a certain area or having a certain focus, it can also be very appropriate to use images associated with that area to make your wedding invitations perfect. Consider the time of year that you wedding is taking place as well because this can help to influence the design decisions that you make when choosing your wedding invitations.

A second consideration when choosing wedding invitations for destination weddings is the necessary information that should be provided within your invitation. Traditional wedding invitations actually contain very little information. The most important information on a traditional invitation is the date, time and location. Although this information is also important for a destination wedding, more should be included.

The information that needs to be included on a destination wedding invitation includes; travel transportation suggestions, information for accommodations at the location, and suggested dates of travel in order to coordinate the dates and times when guests arrive at the destination. If discounts are being given by the destination, you should inform your guests about that. Your wedding invitation should inform your guests about every logistical detail of the event that could affect their travel and attendance.

One way to incorporate all of this information on a simple invitation may be to choose a double-sided design. A double-sided design allows you can to include the basic information on the front of the card, and then the travel details on the back of the card. Be sure to proofread your invitations because it is important to include all necessary information and this gives you enough time to make corrections if they are needed.

An important third consideration when choosing wedding invitations for a destination wedding is to include extra stationery if you are planning a secondary reception in your hometown after returning from your wedding. Many couples who have destination weddings choose to have a separate reception when they get home so that they can spend time and celebrate with the loved ones who were unable to attend the actual ceremony. You should include an extra invitation if you have planned such an event so that all of your guests are informed about an alternative or additional event that they can attend.

Finally, you need to remember that with a destination wedding, you should send out your wedding invitations considerably earlier than if all of your guests were located near the big event. Generally, you should allow three to four months for your guests to be able to plan their travel to attend your destination wedding. They may need to secure that time off from their jobs, plan their air travel, save money for the cost of staying at the wedding destination and prepare any other plans necessary for the trip. The more time you can provide for your guests, the more likely they can attend your ceremony.

Wedding invitations for destination weddings can be more complicated than traditional wedding events. With careful consideration and thought, you can find the perfect invitations to use and put them together to include all of the information you need to share with your guests. With your forethought and planning, you can be well prepared to celebrate your wedding day with your friends and family. A destination wedding is in excellent choice because it is beneficial to everybody attending. Your guests are able to enjoy the experience while having a vacation at a new location. A destination wedding may take much longer to plan and your guests should be given ample time to work the date into their schedules. When planning your invitations, it is a great idea to incorporate images of the location as this allows your guests to get a sense of what to expect upon arrival at the location.

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