Cruise Weddings – Getting Married at Sea

Choosing to hold a wedding on a cruise ship is a unique way of celebrating the most sacred of unions. Similar to a destination wedding in a foreign country, the cruise line can cater for everything from the ceremony to the reception, and everything in between. Many couples choose a cruise holiday with a wedding ceremony to seal their vows because it affords all the comfort of a hotel with all the accommodation for their guests. Add to this beautiful weather, stunning locations and luxurious facilities and it’s easy to see why cruise weddings have grown in popularity in recent years. Almost all major cruise lines now offer cruise holidays incorporating a wedding and honeymoon package, attracting couples young and old to ships of all price ranges and amenities. Private areas will be allocated for ceremonies and small receptions if the couple decide to hold a celebration onboard although it is also popular for couples to get married in a church or other venue in their home town, and then hop on a ship to celebrate with family and friends.

Holding your wedding, post ceremony celebration or honeymoon are sea guarantees amazing memories to treasure forever. There are several options for the event, from free-spirited cruise lines that boast little to no structure, to the more formal and elegant cruise lines that take pride in rigid schedules and evening wear. For the wedding experience, there are some ships where you can actually get married onboard. Alternatively, choose to use the ship as a floating hotel and get married on a faraway beach in sunny climes.

Cruise weddings have grown in popularity over the last few years from very few only five years ago to thousands this year. The growth rate is unsurprising when you consider the attractive idea of enjoying the wedding and then sailing off on your honeymoon with no travel time wasted. Most weddings at sea are on the major cruise lines, however, on the majority of ships, you will need to bring your own clergyman or other official to perform the service if you actually want to perform the legal ceremony onboard.

Cruise weddings can take place onboard in a public room on the ship, or on a romantic shore such as a beach or a glacier. Some ships have their own wedding chapel, and the captain is authorized to marry you at sea. Many couples get married while in a Caribbean port or before the cruise begins so that guests can come aboard, enjoy the service, and disembark before sailing. Alternatively, you could invite all your guests on the honeymoon!

Because of the increase in the popularity of different weddings, some independent wedding planners have begun to offer cruise weddings and the price range of a shipboard wedding is just like one ashore-from a few hundred to thousands of pounds. You will need to consult with a cruise specialist, travel agent or directly with the cruise line to select the best package for you and guarantee the cruise holiday and wedding of a lifetime.

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