Discover Europe With a European River Cruise

There comes a time in most people’s life when they want to travel across Europe to see its beautiful landscapes, different cultures and taste the famous cuisine of one or two well known countries. If you want to relax and have a good time you should go on a European river cruise.

There are plenty of cruises to choose from, and there are plenty of rivers in Europe too. The most famous possibly is the Danube which flows through ten countries, including four Central and Eastern European capitals. The Danube originates in Germany and after a long travel it finally empties in the Black Sea via a delta in Ukraine and Romania.

When cruising the Danube you’ll most likely see the famous “Knee of the Danube” at Visegrad, Hungary, Budapest, the capital of Hungary and also the so-called “Paprika Land” near the border of Hungary and Croatia, otherwise known as the Hungarian Lowlands. Other famous cities you’ll see on your trip are Vienna, the capital of Austria, the city of Melk which is also located in Austria, Bratislava, capital of Slovakia and a few other major cities which were built somewhere on the 1771 miles of the Danube.

Make sure you have a camera with you because there’s always something to see when on a European river cruise. If you’re not out sightseeing or maybe on a city tour – which are available from almost every port you’ll visit – the ports usually have entertainment, restaurants, museums, etc. Choose a cruise that fits you and book your trip today, it really worth it!

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