Embark on a Tour to Mikhail Bulgakov’s Bad Little Flat

Russia is distinct among the most uncommon nations on the planet, with practically incomparable depth of social and authentic wealth, and scenes that have propelled craftsmen and artists for eras. One of such great place to behold in Russia is “the little bad flat” of Mikhail Bulgakov.

An abode turned into a museum

In the fall of 1921, a youthful author Mikhail Bulgakov, with his first spouse Tatiana Lappa turned his first home in Moscow in a little room of a gigantic public flat. Here he composed his first abstract works daily.

Also, although he moved to another level in summer of 1924 the very picture of the odd collective level frequented Bulgakov and his works for a long time especially, “The Master and Margarita,” the novel which deified the house and its occupants)

In this manner, the essayist’s first address – Bolshaya SadoVaya road, 10, house № 50 – turned into the first and final Memorial Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov in Moscow.

Mikhail Bulgakov and the Master and Margarita Museums in Moscow

In Moscow, two exhibition halls respect the memory of Mikhail Bulgakov and The Master and Margarita. Both are situated in Bulgakov’s old house on Bolshaya Sadovaya road number 10. Since the 1980s, the building has turned into a social affair spot for Bulgakov’s fans, and had different sorts of spray painting scribbled on the walls.

The Bulgakov House

The Bulgakov House is located at the ground floor. It contains individual effects, photographs, and a few presentations identified with Bulgakov’s life and his diverse works. Different lovely and artistic occasions are regularly held, and trips to Bulgakov’s Moscow are sorted out, some of which are energized with living characters of The Master and Margarita. The Bulgakov House additionally runs the Theater M.A. Bulgakov with 126 seats, and the Café 302-bis.

In a similar working, in loft number 50 on the fourth floor, is a moment historical center that keeps alive the memory of Bulgakov, the Museum M.A. Bulgakov. This second historical center is an administration activity, and was established on March 26, 2007.

The Museum M.A. Bulgakov contains individual effects, photographs, and a few displays identified with Bulgakov’s life and his distinctive works. Different idyllic and artistic occasions are regularly held.

If anybody wishes to get the genuine feel Russia then visiting the bad little flat is a superb approach, for Bulgakov is a man who beyond all doubt cherished his city. He passes on his sheer enthusiasm for a period and a place to peruse through his horde of characters and demanding depictions of life around then.

Summarily, Russia is the most crowded city in Europe and the fifth biggest city on the planet. Leaked in history and scattered with old, beautiful structures, Moscow is an essential town in Russia and one you’ll recollect until the end of time. With such a variety of extraordinary sights to see, your outing to Moscow is sure to be an exceptional one.

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