Enjoy The Beauty Of The Island In Jamaican Villas, Not A Hotel

Enjoy The Beauty Of The Island In Jamaican Villas, Not A Hotel

The land of tropics, warm people, amazing music and interesting food is awaiting your arrival. The cruise ships visit this island since most everyone wants to escape to Jamaica for a relaxing vacation. But what about making this trip different and give up the impersonal hotels for a chance to rent Jamaica villas.

Staying in Jamaica is about relaxing and getting away from it all. Part of that is removing the crowds of people in the busy resorts. While the hotels are nice to enjoy doing something different this vacation could change the way you travel from here on in.

The island of Jamaica has a rich history. Found by Christopher Columbus there are historical locations throughout the island. The names Montego Bay, Discovery Bay and Ocho Rios are on the lips of all those seeking Caribbean travel. These locations are the destinations for all those wanting to bask in the jungles, rivers, and over seven miles of beaches that Jamaica offers.

With reggae music at the heart of the island the people are warm, laid back, and ready to make sure your stay is wonderful. You can have that same experience while basking in the comforts of a villa. The villas located on this island are beautifully appointed and are from the reasonable rate to the height of luxury.

The advantage of renting a villa is that you have the freedom of staying in your own home for the trip. With fully appointed locations you have everything you need and only need to bring your personal items. If you are traveling with others it is a great way to stay together in one location and have common areas to spend time in.

The cost of tipping, taxes and other payments tacked on at hotels can add up and make your hotel bills bigger than you expected. Staying at a villa is a weekly rate which has no extra fees unless you wish to add on concierge services to help plan your trip and make reservations. So you end up saving money or at least knowing what the amount will be upon check out.

Also being able to cook your own food at your villa can save you money from having to eat out every meal. The villa has beautiful locations on their balconies to enjoy your meal and the tropical scenery. Or you can always hire a cook to prepare island specials during your stay.

If you choose to rent a villa then you might consider renting a car so that you have access to the local scenery and sights. The location of these establishments may be more off the beaten path and so being able to get around is important for seeing the beauty of the island.

Known for rum you want to make sure and enjoy some of the local drinks offered. The laid back and carefree attitude of the island and your vacation can be further realized with the personal space of a Jamaica villas. So go and book a place now, they are waiting for you to arrive.

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