Extra Retirement Income – The Simple Process of Signing Up For Paid Surveys

Sometimes retirees avoid getting involved with something because it is just too much trouble. Signing up to get paid for answering survey questions is a simple process and should not be a deterrent in using this for an extra retirement income opportunity. This process should be free and as long as you have an email address, easy as can be.

The most important piece to when deciding to use paid surveys to supplement retirement income is that this is a job like any other. Last time I checked, people are supposed to get pad to do a job, not pay someone else to let them. There are paid membership sites where either a monthly fee is charged or a one time fee is paid. With this membership you get access to their list of reputable survey companies. At that point you choose a company and sign up with them, on your own, as an independent contractor, no relationship at all with the membership company. Well guess, what, most of those same companies can be found on your own without paying the middle man!

Once you decide on which companies you want to use for your extra retirement income opportunity, (it is best to start out with just two or three), signing up is simple.

1. First go to the website. This is easiest if you click on a recommendation from a friend or a website you trust.
2. Choose a log in name. Use the same log in name for all survey companies to make it easier for you to keep track. First initial last name is common.
3. Choose a password. I would suggest to use your favorite password and just add two numbers to the end to separate the survey password from others. If your password was retirement, make your survey password retirement33.
4. Give your email address. It might be wise to set up a separate account on a free site like Gmail or Yahoo! just for this business.
5. Once logged into the site set up demographic information. This is basics like age, sex, relationship status, race, education, employment, country, state, income range. This is important statistically to make a survey valid, to be able to clearly separate out different demographics. Survey companies filters can then do “triage” and eliminate sending you offer you obviously don’t fit.
6. Next there are optional questionnaires to fill out about your interests. You do not have to fill these out, but you will get more offers if you do. Travel, food, vehicles, leisure, and employment are examples of interest questionnaires. These may take up to ten minutes each to complete.
7. Once these steps are completed you sign out and wait for potential survey opportunities to be sent your way.

That truly is how simple it is to use paid surveys as a way to get some extra retirement income coming your way. Some weeks you will get two three offers, others you do not get any. Each company has its own policies for cashing out, so be sure to read them carefully before signing up.

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