How To Score A Deal On A Last Minute Cruise

Going on a cruise is certainly an exciting experience, which contains life long memories, without hustle bustle of routine office and hectic home life, making it a stress reliever. Although it is hard to save on these type of trips especially when you want to be on board in the last minute. Here I have gathered up some tips which can be helpful in saving your wallet.


If you have decided to go on a cruise and this is your first time, and you have a short period as well, my advice is to consult a trip advisor providing him with your desired travel dates. All cruise line advisors have the itineraries, and it’s easy for them to accommodate you on an available cruise.

Another tip is that you can plan this with the agent according to your budget, by just giving him an idea of your pocket.


Nowadays every commercial item has a discount and promotion, so the cruise ships also have, making it a huge industry. You can always enjoy the trip,’ by planning it ahead of time, like three months before your vacation. This will help you get discount offers. Family and group packages are giving you more economical options.


Nothing is far away in this electronic era, just a touch of your finger can make things Accessible. So to enjoy the money saving venture, you should sign up with different cruise lines, and this will be of great help for getting alerts of any near cruise.


Deals and promotion usually come in offseason. It means you can cruise before and after Christmas and Easter vacations. Most families get vacations on the eve of Christmas and Easter making journeys more crowded. When the cruise ships are full, there is no business loss but to keep the business running in a smooth manner, they launch promotions in offseason.

Deals come for a specific and limited range of time and sites. If you are keen to spend time with the lesser crowd, hit the deals button and enjoy a less expensive trip.


Some promotions might seem to you less attractive, for the reason of cutting one port adding one less famous port, making it a tie to decide which one to take up. So be flexible with the dates and ports you want to visit.


The ports which can be compromised are those with secondary attractions for you. It will not take much time to search the ports worth seeing. Google the places available on the cruise line itinerary, skip them if not worthy, saving the money for the spa on board which have deals on port days.


Even though you have signed up and got alerts from cruise line but be patient while taking the decision to reserve and confirm. Gather all information about different deals, check onboard charges including meals snacks beverages even water, and then decide for the one with low costs without shouldn’t be paying extra onboard for these.

Recreational activities are free of charge mostly.

Lastly vital is, not to follow the attractions and colourful pictures of ports on a brochure. Take your decision.

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