Lakshadweep Island Beaches, Tourist Places and Travel Attractions

The location of Lakshadweep Islands lies two hundred and fifty miles off the southwest coast of India in the Arabian Sea. This attractive island comprise of the 36 islands which are scattered like emerald green jewels in a sea. These scattered islands are popularly known as the Lakshadweep Island Group. These islands are also famous by the name of ”the Laccadives”. They are located 400-kilometers away from the state of Kerala on the Indian mainland. For divers, the beaches of Lakshadweep are a paradise.

A visit to Lakshadweep helps a person to relax completely and also to admire its incredible beaches as the beaches of Lakshadweep islands are mesmerizing and fun-filled. It is a dream destination due to its turquoise water. Lakshadweep coral beaches remain supreme due to its spectacular beauty. For tourists, only few of these stunning and charming beaches of Lakshdweep are open.

The beauty of Lakshadweep beaches are enhanced due to its astounding coral reefs, coconut canopies and the swaying palms, silvery sand beaches, opulent marine life and the blue lagoons.

Only the Bangaram beach is well equipped with food and accommodation. For the tourists who are interested in visiting the different beaches can make the arrangements for one day tour. These beaches are beaches of Agatti, Androt, Kavaratti, Minicoy and Kalpeni. The main attraction of the Bangaram beach is the blue light which it gives out. This light is due to the bioluminescent plankton which is deposited during high tide.

All the different beaches of Lakshadweep offer a wonderful array of adventure and water sports. One can experience ecstasy with sports like windsurfing, snorkeling, yatching, kayaking and deep- sea fishing on these beaches. Some of the less adventurous enjoyments are related with sunbathe in the fantastic beaches of Lakshadweep and also sail in the glass bottomed boat.

Tourists who have desired to dive into the depth of the seabed and to gaze the mystical and vibrant marine life must have a visit to Lakshadweep Island. For those tourists Lakshadweep Island and its beaches are an ultimate paradise.

The most romantic feature of Lakshadweep island beach is the quiet and uninhabited atmosphere. People just love to go and enjoy there. Even in the hottest summer months, the palm- fringed beaches of Lakshadweep provide coolness. This feature of this island motivates the tourist to travel throughout the year. Even in the summer they can relax and enjoy. So tourists can visit this island at any time throughout the year.

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