Mykonos – The Greek Elegant, Stylish and Simply Awesome Island

Mykonos is definitely Greece’s answer to Ibiza, but much more cosy and possibly a bit more expensive. In Mykonos you will find the Greek celebrities spending their summer holiday. Greek singer and entertainer Sakis Rouvas is often seen in Mykonos, parts of the Greek national football team as well as singer Nikos Vertis spends their time here. So if you don’t mind to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, do not miss Mykonos.

The island has also become a playground for homosexuals – Mykonos welcomes everybody with open arms.

You can easily travel to Mykonos by plane from Athens or by boat from Piraeus or Rafina. If you choose to travel at the beginning or the end of summer, you will find many excellent and affordable package deals that include your flight and hotel. But Mykonos is best enjoyed during July-August, that’s when the island vibrates with expectation.

Mykonos is a typical postcard island with small whitewashed houses with their blue doors, and traditional Cycladic windmills. Tourism is the main source of income on the island, when the last guests leave the island in the autumn, Mykonos falls into a beauty sleep until the spring. There are many great beaches on the island and the local buses can easily get there, if you wish to explore the island on your own, you can rent a car or a scooter.

There are countless of boats that take you around the island and to the neighboring islands, something you should not miss.

The island is a popular stop for island-hoppers and Mykonos is best suited for those who like to party, and not travelling on a very tight budget.

There are plenty of shops in Mykonos town. Perhaps you find something really nice for yourself or for a gift.

This is where all the fun happens. The nightlife on the island is concentrated to the capital. The city offers plenty of winding streets and many are without street names, you simply have to acquire some landmarks. The main street Matogianni is a good checkpoint as Plateia Remezzo, the bus station.

From the main bus station you can catch the local buses to the island’s tourist areas and beaches. From here you can also get to the island’s only village, Ano Mera.

In Mykonos town you will find plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shops.

Facts about Mykonos

Inhabitants: The island has 10,000 inhabitants.

Capital: The capital is Mykonos town.

Airport: The island has one domestic airport built 1971.

Local transport: Local bus, taxi, car hire, moped and motorcycle hire

Getting there

Mykonos is waiting to be discovered.

The most convenient way to travel is to take the speed boat from the port of Rafina on the mainland, the trip takes approximately 2.5 hours. The island has ferry connection with most of the Cycladic islands, Kalymnos, Kos, Leros, Patmos and Rhodes. There is also a helicopter charter on the island, making your journey hassle free.

Sights in Mykonos

There is an archaeological museum, a maritime museum and a folk museum in the town of Mykonos. Well worth a visit.

Where to stay in Mykonos

Mykonos town is the place to stay. You will find anything to a basic apartment to the most luxurious resorts and boutique hotels offering advanced Spa-treatments, personal trainers and beauty treatments.

Best beaches in Mykonos

Paradise beach is the most popular beach on the island. People come out at lunchtime to slowly come to life after the previous nights trials. Coarse sand and beautiful turquoise waters invites you to long lazy days on the beach. The beach has plenty of water sports, restaurants and beach bars with loud music pumping to keep your adrenaline flowing.

Psarrou – One of the most cosmopolitan beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach is protected from the wind and in the high season, the beach is one of the islands most visited beaches, there are a plenty nice beach bars and restaurants to chill out in.

Nightlife in Mykonos

In Mykonos town, the nightlife is concentrated in the area known as Little Venice, this is where you’ll find everything you have ever dreamed of.

Down at the harbour you will also find plenty of taverns and pubs that will keep you awake until sunrise. During the high season famous DJ’s visit the island and the clubs are competing on who can put up the greatest show and pull the best crowd.

Shopping in Mykonos

There are plenty of shopping opportunities in Mykonos, you will find many shops selling beautiful jewellery, ceramics and arts. Many of the galleries’ artists are from Athens, they move out to Mykonos in the summer to sell their works and also to get inspiration. There are also many shops selling designer clothes and beautiful handbags and accessories.

Do not miss

Day tours by boat to neighbouring islands are a must, especially to the small island of Delos, which was once the centrepiece of the Greek ancient world. There is also a speed boat taking you to Santorini, where you can spend the day before returning back to Mykonos.

Did you know?

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis loved Mykonos, her favourite hotel Theoxenia is still the jewel of the island.

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