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If you are planning a trip to New Zealand for business or pleasure, you’ll be pleased to know what’s new in the world of air travel to the Land of the Long White Cloud and car hire once you arrive. You now have more options for flights and your travel time is sure to be more comfortable. Find out about new info; New Zealand is the perfect destination for families, business associates or romantic couples.

Air New Zealand Adds a Skycouch Option

Do you want to fly in first class comfort to New Zealand but don’t want to pay the hefty fare? Now Air New Zealand has added a new touch of class to its economy seats. It’s called Skycouch and yes, you do have to pay a bit more for a seat with this unique feature, but it could well be worth it if you enjoy having extra space to stretch out during a flight. A “Cuddle Class” seat features a flip-up ottoman that turns your seat into a bed platform so you can lie flat. This is the most comfortable way to watch a film, read a book or simply catch up on your sleep, thanks to the sheets and pillows that come with your Skycouch seat. Particularly if you are traveling with young children, this could mean the difference between a long, boring flight and one where the whole family can relax.

More Australia-New Zealand Flights

Another change to New Zealand air travel is an approved alliance between Qantas and Emirates Airlines. The Ministry of Transport in New Zealand is pleased to approve the alliance in order to keep airfares between Australia and New Zealand from rising. What that means to the leisure or business traveler is a wider option of flight times and more convenient connections from cities such as Wellington and Queenstown. Whether you are traveling from Europe to the land Down Under or vice versa, you will find better coordination between Qantas and Emirates to make it easier to schedule flights at the most convenient times without extended layovers.

Auckland Airport Car Rental Companies Provide Convenient Services

Air travel is only part of the planning for a holiday or business trip to New Zealand. The second part of the equation is finding Auckland Airport car rental companies that provide all the services you require for a convenient, stress-free trip.

When you look for a car rental service, be sure they provide Auckland Airport shuttle services for each and every flight. This is a service that is essential if you don’t want to be stuck at the airport waiting for a shuttle to take you to the car hire desk (and really, who wants that?).

Another service you should look for? Pickup and drop-off at locations throughout New Zealand. Some car rental companies don’t charge a one-way hire fee so you can easily and inexpensively move throughout the country from the Auckland Airport without backtracking to drop off your rental vehicle.

Planning to travel back and forth between the North and South Islands? You will want to find an Auckland Airport car rental company that also provides Inter Islander Ferry tickets and allows you to transport the vehicle between islands.

When you are ready to book your travel to New Zealand, these new features and convenient options for airfare and car rentals will ensure you spend the least time and money while enjoying the best trip ever.

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