Plumas National Forest

If you are planning a vacation, California is the best spot for you. Here we will discuss about some of the best tourism spots of California. As we all know, California is famous for its natural beauty as well as it is also listed under some of the best tourism spot in the world. Millions of people visit this country each year for different purposes. There are many well known places in this country that will give you the maximum enjoyment and pleasure during your holiday vacation. Here we will discuss about Plumas National Forest, which is one of the famous wild life areas in California.

Plumas National Forest that is located in northeastern California. It has two nearby off-road trails with the total of five fire lookouts to visit. There are many Plumas activities that you can enjoy here. Apart from the National forest, there are also many other places that you can visit in California. There are many lakes as well as falls new to the National forest. Bucks Lake California is also one of the main tourist destinations of this place. This is a beautiful lake that is surrounded by mountains and valleys. There are many activities that you can indulge in this lake. Boating, swimming, fishing etc are some of the famous activities you can go for. This is a wonderful place to enjoy with your family. There are also many games as well as fun activities for kids.

March to July is the best time to visit this spot. Though the way that leads you to the lake is easy to follow, the main challenging part is the number of fallen trees that will block your path. It doesn’t matter, because the forest department will take care of it. You also have an option to indulge in some extreme activities like, rock climbing, mountain biking etc. The safety purpose provided by these people is also great.

If you are planning to go for mountain climbing or biking, you can also take the help of the people who will organize it. They will also train you and help you with some important tips to you’re your holiday great. There are many hotels located in Plumas from where you can book a room and get fresh. Most of the hotels located in Plumas are very well maintained and the food provided by them is also delicious. Most of the hotels have 24/7 security and other services provided for their customers.

If you are looking to know more about this place as well as the activities that is taken place in this spot, you can use the internet to search. There are numerous websites that will provide you more information of this place. You can also book your ticket through these websites. Once you visit this place, you can take the help of a guide, who will help you to see many places as well as to learn more about the places you are visiting.

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