Practical Ways To Work Life Balance

Please know that work-life balance takes effort it does not come on its own, it does not come by fasting and prayer, it does not come accidentally, there are things to and continue to do. They are:

1: Give your attention to God: Attending to your God is one of the most important things in life, in fact, it is the most important gift you can give to yourself. If your life must be balanced put God first, serve him, give your life to him, worship him, follow him and obey him all your life.

Your job, your leisure, your family must never be allowed to interfere with your relationship with the Lord. Anything you do to hurt your relationship with the Lord will come back to haunt you, so embrace God in everything you do and it shall be well with you.

2: Be prayerful: Praying to God is another way to say you trust obey and believe in him and committing your ways into his hands makes him be committed to it and establish your work.

“Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established”. (Proverbs 16:3 KJV)

Spend time with God daily in prayer and in the word of God, He will, in turn, step into your life and make things easier for you

3: Dwell on your Purpose. Is it not surprising that whole lots of people are doing what they don’t like and they are not even of quitting?

Most people do feel bad on Monday morning and say thank God it is Friday, it simply shows that they don’t like what they are doing, they are just putting up with it.

Find your purpose and work on it, to live a balanced life you are to be doing what you like, not just what will bring you money.

4: Know your job very well: A balanced life demand you know your job inside out, if you know your job through, through you make life easier for yourself, knowledge help in the place of diligence and excellence. It helps you to be more creative and help to do your job better and faster hence you have more time to spare with your family, the job you know very well will also pay you well and secure for you financial rest.

5: Have the right tools for your trade: Right tools will make your job easier and give you room to give attention to other things, thereby living a balanced life.

6: Know Your Job Through: Knowing your job make it easier to be done with the right tools, making things easy for you as you accomplish mush in Avery minimal time allowing you tone able to give your attention to other things that are noble and necessary.

7: Learn the Act of Delegation: Know what to do yourself, know what to give to others to do for you, you can’t be everywhere at every time without hurting yourself and your family life.

8: Set Your Priority Day: your priority should be God first family second and then your job. If you don’t set your priority this way and you put your work first above your family and your God, you will ruin your relationship with your God and your family.

9: Avoid Time Wasting Frivolities: Avoid things that do not add value to your life, avoid things that limit your effectiveness, things that make you waste precious time and opportunities. All wrong association, gambling, drinking, and partying that drain you of your strength and efficiency.

10: Know When to Rest: Resting is not a luxury, it is part of life, treat it like that, put resting into your schedules, know when to rest, know when to go out of the system to recharge.

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