Pulsed Laser Light Creation Singularities and Time Travel

Is it possible to create a light beam that never actually starts but sends our pre-waves, which stop the event from occurring, but once the waves are created they cannot be uncreated. Yet if the creation of the light itself is stopped, how can you have the energy by its self?

Recently someone asked me to explain a thought or concept I had where to create traveling energy waves that move faster than the speed of light and I explained how I would do this, but in the explanation leaves other questions about time completely unanswered.

What I am saying it that at the time the light is created or begins to become created it sends out waves. Those waves go much faster than the speed of light and will travel to the other side of a chamber before the light actually starts to shine. Then on the other side of the chamber these waves will set off another pulsed laser to start. Which sends waves the other way, that turns off the first laser still before any light shines. No light exists just the precursors to the light itself. Only the energy from the light, but no light. All happening faster than the light itself.

The next experiment is to have the same scenario is to allow these pre-waves to get to the other side of the chamber and then activate a signal which travels through a co-axial cable faster than the speed of light. I think they now have it at 140 times, which will turn off the original light pulse thus no light ever occurred. Does the light occur any way? Where? Will the energy in the box light up the entire box? Or send the light forward in time, even though it no longer exists. Skipping Time? Skipping Light?

Energy without a place in time. Light without a place to go or a time to shine? Really? Hmm? In this scenario I am using the “Singularity” definition as the “Event”. The “creation of that Light” that split moment when it is starting to be created. Nothing exists, then something, but it is stopped in mid-creation, but the waves create another, which in turn stops the first.

Therefore no light was created only waves fired at each other, energy without an “event” or “singularity” or “creation” and all happening faster than light. I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.

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