Shanghai: A Tourist’s Delight

Shanghai is one of the most modern cities in China apart from being the busiest container port and major financial centre in the world. This city is located in eastern China in the Yangtze River Delta. Historical landmarks such as Pudong skyline, Yuyuan Garden, City God Temple, Shanghai Old Street, Longhua Pagoda, Longhua Temple and the Bund play a significant role in making Shanghai a popular destination among tourists.

Some of the most important tourist destinations are discussed below:

1. Pudong:

This area of Shanghai has emerged as China’s commercial and financial hub since the 1990s. Pudong is the home to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shanghai World Financial Center, International Convention Centre, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Jin Mao Tower Observatory, Oriental Pearl Tower and other famous buildings. Pudong attracts a large number of westerners especially for business purposes. This new urban district is synonymous with both China’s prosperity and economic reforms and Shanghai’s prestige and modernization as centre of world commerce.

2. Xintiandi:

This is an affluent entertainment, eating, car-free shopping district of Shanghai. Most of the restaurants and cafes feature both outdoor and indoor seats. The houses are made of stone gates on the narrow alleys of this district. Tourist flock in huge numbers in these houses which now serve as shopping malls, restaurants, art galleries, cafes and book stores. Romantic settings are quite common in Xintiandi as compared to discotheques, dance places and loud music. This district has an active nightlife on weekends as well as weekdays.

3. The Bund:

This place is a waterfront area located in the central part of Shanghai. There are various architectural styles of buildings such as Art Deco, Beaux-Arts, Neo-Classical, Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic and Romanesque. There are scores of historical buildings in the Shanghai Bund that once housed a number of trading houses and banks from Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy, the United States, France and the United Kingdom as well as the foreign embassies of Britain and Russia, the Masonic Club, etc.

4. City of God Temple:

The Chenghuang Miao or the City God Temple is located within the walled old city of Shanghai. There are hundreds of shops and stores located in this area. Most of them are several centuries old. The huge popularity of the temple among tourists has attracted many businesses which have established bases in the form of retail chains, restaurants etc. in the surrounding streets.

5. Jin Mao Tower:

This tower allows the visitors to have a bird’s eye view of modern Shanghai. It is indeed the second tallest building in the People’s Republic of China having a height of about 88 floors. Accommodation is also available at the tower to enhance the comfort for tourists. The latter can enjoy the spectacular sunset over the skyline of Shanghai.

6. Yuyuan Garden:

This extensive Chinese garden is also known as the Garden of Peace or the Garden of Happiness. The garden has a harmonic blend and beautiful layout of dragon lined walls, zigzagging bridges, plants, water in the classical style of the Ming dynasty. With over 30 pavilions and 5 acres of parkland, one can surely get away from the fast city life in this heavenly paradise.

Other popular tourist attractions are the Chinese Acrobatic show, Riverside Promenade, Shanghia Circus World, Nanjing Road, Zhujiajiao Water Town, Thames Town, Shanghai Botanical Gardens, Caoyang New Village, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Gongqing Forest Park, Qibao Ancient Town etc. This modern metropolis would surely delight and educate you and your family with its vibrant cultural scene and historical landmarks.

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