The World’s Greatest Sea Beach – Cox’s Bazar

When you hear of the sea you probably think of spending days out under the sun lying on the sand in the name of sunbathing.You may have been to a sea resort and found the place nice. You likely told all your friends about it, giving them the urge to witness the place themselves. Many of us dream of holidays in places we don’t know the first thing about. In fact, when asked, we may just go ahead and describe a number of wonderful features we all hope to see there. We envision the vivid picture but no actual site planned on. Have you ever thought of the world’s greatest sea beach? Well, this is not just a feature or location, as we may have seen in our geography classes.

The world’s greatest sea beach is located in one small country, Bangladesh. This country’s major religions are Islam and Hindu, despite the existence of other smaller religions. She is a small country christened among the world’s most naturally beautiful countries, possessing a rich cultural heritage and a wide range of both historical and archeological sites. We dare not forget the flourishing land cover and her wildlife as a whole. The capital city is Dhaka and her official national language is Bengali which is widely spoken by her citizens. English is also spoken by the people and so in case you visit the country with the intention of the appreciation of natural beauty, do have no fear of language barrier as you will easily be able to communicate with the locals.

The world’s greatest sea beach is the Cox’s Bazar which is located at about 152km south of Chittagong. Being the world’s greatest sea beach, it is the tourist capital of Bangladesh. It has the world’s longest beach, about 120 kilometers, sloping gently down to Bay of Bengal against a chain of hill covered in a green forest. This forms one of the most elegant sites and a great picturesque background that has been a wonder for generations.

The world’s greatest sea beach is covered with miles of golden sands, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes and many other coastal features like the towering cliffs. What is a visit or a tour without an appetite and a treat to compensate the urge? There is a wide range of delightful sea foods offered at among the world’s greatest sea beaches. Why miss out on such an opportunity which you can get one of the most ecstatic and memorable moments of your lifetime by just making a choice to visit the world’s greatest sea beach by just making a choice to visit the world’s greatest sea beach?

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