Two Thrilling South American Adventures

South America is a top vacation destination, especially for adventure holidays. Part of this is because of the geography in many areas lends itself so well to such activities as hiking, horseback riding, boating, mountain biking and more.

Hiking Patagonia

The region known as Patagonia spreads over both Argentina and Chile and both countries offer some spectacular hiking. The flora, fauna and landscapes cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world. Different levels of camping tours can be found, from basic on up to luxury experiences that even include hot showers.

The terrain includes a variety of vistas such as mountains, lakes, waterfalls and, what the region is probably most known for, glaciers. There are also many flowers as well as wildlife, particularly birds, to enjoy. Some tours will focus on one of the two countries while others will take you through both in a single itinerary, allowing you to see the highlights that both has to offer

In the northern area of Patagonia, one can enjoy hikes around several beautiful lakes and forestland set at the feet of the Andes. With luck, you may even spot an Andean Condor. In the south, you can actual hike on top of glaciers, truly an experience of a lifetime.

There are many great destinations for hiking in South America. But if you want to hike in areas that are wild and unspoiled, Patagonia is the perfect choice. The wilderness here gives you the opportunity to get a feel for the land and nature here that can’t be beat. 200 words on boating the Amazon.

Amazon river cruises

Boating on the Amazon gives you a chance to experience the most of what this incredible area has to offer. Not only is there an amazing variety of both plants and animals in the region, there are many opportunities to meet the indigenous people that live here.

Choosing to cruise through the area by boat allows you to cover more area as well as to do so more comfortably than beating a trail through the dense jungle, esepcially in areas where there is no trail. There are usually many stops to learn more about life in the communities along the river as well as to take some hikes or go for a swim. Hikes may be taken during the day or evening, giving you ample opportunity to see the diverse flora and fauna that make their home here.

Although the river itself goes stretches across Peru and Brazil, there are many tributaries of it that all make up the Amazon rainforest. Therefore, boating can also be done in Ecuador and Bolivia. The types of boats used can vary as well as the lengths of tours and level of comfort. If you aren’t looking for a long tour, there are shorter canoe trips that can be taken as well.

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