Unique and Creative Male Costume Ideas for Halloween Events in NYC

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays and a large number of events take place all over the city of New York. One of the important parts of Halloween is the costumes. However it is usually seen that it is the females who are more excited about the costumes than their male counterparts as men are usually not comfortable in the costumes. A good idea is to get couple costumes to make them feel more comfortable. Here are some simple ideas for male costumes.

One of the striking but easiest costumes is to dress up as Zorro. For this one needs a black shirt with pair of black pants, a black mask and a fencing sword. If one wants he can also add a black cape and a hat. The main trick is to make the costume manly so that he can feel good.

One can also opt for a cowboy outfit for which one need a cowboy hat, a cowboy shirt and boots. It is one of the classic costumes. If one wants to be a little bit more adventurous one can dress up as the Pirate. A vampire is also an easy option. All one has to do is don a white shirt and a pair of black pants with a cape and some fake fangs; some make up and hair gel will complete the look.

Another perennial favorite is the devil costume. One can keep it simple and classy like wearing a black tuxedo and dressing it up with a devil styled masquerade eye-mask or dress it up with various accessories like the cape, pitchfork, horns and tails, fake blood, face paint and red-eye contacts etc.

Other ideas include dressing up in sailor costumes, military costumes or sports costumes. Some of the best places in NY to shop for costumes are Ricky’s NYC, NYC Party City, Masquerade Times Square Costume Shop, and Abracadabra Superstore.

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