Venezuela Tourist Attraction

Venezuela is a country full of rich and varied culture and history. At the same time, a fine and smooth touch of modernization makes this country a package of fun and ideal for tourism. Historic monuments, cultural and outdoor activities with awesome food and wine are the the high points of Venezuela.

Heading from the US or Europe, Venezuela comes amongst the most easily reachable countries. In fact, this is one of the major routes, which connects South America with other countries. The country is blessed with many tourist attractions.

The Andes and Llanos give an opportunity to view nature at its best. The Caribbean Sea and Atlantic waters seem to embrace the sandy beaches. Caracas not only holds the reputation of being the capital of this country, but it is a city which has a reason to proud of itself. Land of Caracas has given Simon Bolivar, who is also known as “the George Washington of South America”.

Flat top mountains, also termed as Tepuy, and the world’s highest waterfall, the Angel Falls, can make a viewer forget the present. Some of the tourist attractions in Venezuela are as follows:

* A diverse wildlife with its ecological environment and even the deserts carry their own beauty.
* The Angel Falls, which cascades down 3000 feet, begins from Auyan-Tepui Mesa.
* Henri Pittier, the national park of the country, has different varieties of animals.
* The 19th century cathedral exhibits the rooted religious base of Venezuela. Churches are the extreme of architectural art.
* Ruined Spanish fortresses and Castillo San Carlos De Borromeo are the places which can never be forgotten if experienced even once.

Overall, Venezuela is a country; which provides full zest to the visitors, compelling them to explore the place again and again.

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