What Are the Etiquettes That Needs to Be Followed When Hiring a Limousine Service

To celebrate any function or event, hiring a limo is a great way. They are the perfect choice for exceptional events such as school formals and debutante balls, hens and bucks nights, weddings, business meetings and airport transfers, sporting events and romantic dates.

A limousine is a representation of luxury and so it offers a grand experience to those riding inside the vehicle. It’s imperative to book your limousine through an honest company that has many years of experience in providing a good limo service. To get a positive and more gratifying experience out of your limo travel, you need to practice good etiquettes. Enumerated here below is important limo hire etiquettes.


You need to respect your limo chauffeur and care for the limousine you travel in. Undoubtedly limos are pricey motor vehicles and limo providers work very hard to make sure that their vehicles remain in first class condition.

Seating Capacity:

All limos have a specific seating capacity, don’t try to overload it. Respect the passenger restrictions by making sure that you hire a limousine that is sized fittingly to accommodate the number of guests. This will make certain that you have a safe ride. In several instances, the maximum number of people permitted inside the limo is decided by law, which offers enough space that is comfy and safe.

Adhering to the Local Laws:

When traveling to a new region, always adhere to the local laws of that region. A set of laws might differ from state to state. To consume alcoholic beverages, a person must have attained legal age to do so. Using illegal drugs is strictly forbidden.

Personal Accountability:

To take care of your possessions is your sole responsibility. It’s highly suggested that you shouldn’t travel with valuable things as you might forget them inside the limo. In any case, don’t leave any of your stuff inside the limousine if you aren’t traveling in it. Limo hire service can’t be held accountable for the lost items due to your negligence.

Etiquette for Tipping:

If your chauffeur was courteous, pleasant, and good-mannered and did his job to your satisfaction, you should reward for his services. Limousine chauffeurs are generally very helpful and friendly. Their job is to ensure that your travel is made as gratifying as possible. They should be duly recognized for their endeavours. A tip of 15{a090313c524763ad35c338d0941c6e5e266e5237d5b7f3be81470a8de3304f12} to 20{a090313c524763ad35c338d0941c6e5e266e5237d5b7f3be81470a8de3304f12} of the entire limousine hiring cost would be a fitting tipping etiquette. This tip should be offered to the chauffeur in an envelope after he has completed his service.

You surely will receive a positive limo travel experience at the end of the event by following above listed limousine hire etiquettes.

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