Folding Mountain Bikes – Your Travel Mates, Your Convenience!

Folding Mountain Bikes – Your Travel Mates, Your Convenience!

Folding mountain bikes are essentially practical bicycles, which are easy to store and transport. These mountain bikes can be folded in seconds and you will not even need any special rack for these bikes. Just put it inside your suitcase and carry it like another piece of luggage inside a car, boat, train or even inside an airplane.

The folding technique of mountain bikes is a patented military design and it was initially used to develop full-sized folding bikes for the US Marines and paratroopers for strategic use.

A folding mountain bike is a bit expensive when compared to a non-folding mountain bike. Despite the price-factor, purchasing a foldable bike will be advantageous in every respect. Actually, the manufacturers of folding mountain bicycles have not compromised with the sturdiness or toughness of the bikes in making them foldable (and hence portable).

As regards choices, these days you simply have plenty of choices with manufacturers like Airnimal, Montague launching a great many models that allow easy, convenient loading and unloading. Select from among the many lightweight yet tough bikes, choosing as per your requirement.

Following beneath are descriptions of some top foldable mountain bikes available in the market:


Montague-made Hummer is a high-tech folding mountain bike. The Hummer bicycle, designed after full-sized military bikes, has normal wheels with knobby tires and hence it can be used on any terrain. It takes around 30 seconds to fold a Hummer and the folded bicycle measures just 36″ x 28″ x 12″. The folding is accomplished without the use of tools.

The Hummer is essentially lightweight yet it is perfectly tough and durable. Other plus-points of this bicycle are – Shimano precision index shifters for a quick gear change, 24-speed Shimano drive train and a front suspension with a front disk brake.

Paratrooper Mountain Bike

The market-leaders have launched yet another folding mountain bike, the Paratrooper Mountain Bike. A very tough bike, the Paratrooper folds and unfolds in less than 30 seconds. This superb braking power and excellent engineering behind this Montague bike makes it unparalleled for rugged terrains. Montague also markets important accessories like foldable pedals and carrying cases – both hard and soft cases.

Airnimal Rhino

Airnimal Rhino, Airnimal’s first officially launched ‘off-road’ bike is a folding mountain bike. Its 20″ wheels and front and rear suspension make it perfect for all terrains.

Giatex Stretching Bike

The Giatex Stretching Bike is based on a new folding concept. In this case, it is not the frame that folds from the middle, rather the steering column and the rear part that are folded down. The folded bike measures about 37 inches.

Bike Fridays

Bike Fridays made by Green Gear Cycling Inc. are revolutionary finds because they are collapsible bikes rather than foldable. The assembling and disassembling takes time, but the new bikes are, performance wise, excellent.

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