Phnom Penh Shopping – Russian And Olympic Markets

There are many places to shop in Phnom Penh, most located within three markets, the Central Market, the Russian Market and the Olympic Market. Perhaps the most increasingly popular is the Russian Market; whilst the Central Market, which opened in 1937 after being designed by a French architect, remains a famous landmark of the city and still offers a large variety of goods, with everything from electronic gadgetry to second hand clothes, bric-a-brac and jewellery up for sale, and is indeed still very much worth a visit, it is the Russian Market that is gradually growing to prominence with many tourists.

Originally a market in the 1980s when the country was under Communist rule, the Russian Market, located between Streets 440 and 450, is increasingly the place to go for those wanting to find the real bargains. Everything from traditional souvenirs such as coins, trinkets, miniature Buddha’s and the like, to clothes, local arts and crafts and items such as CDs and DVDs can be found here, often for a very low price. One thing to remember about shopping in the Russian Market is – always haggle! You might be surprised by just how much lower you will be able to buy things for, even if the price already seems remarkably cheap to begin with.

The Olympic Market is the newest of all the markets, opened in 1994 and located near the Olympic Stadium. Unlike the other two markets, the Olympic Market specialises almost completely in wholesale items.

With Phnom Penh hotels located close to most of the markets, all visitors should explore them. Even those staying in a discount Macao hotel might find it worth their while to pop over for a visit.

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